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Fret Smasher Patch v0.31.2 A2

Song Speed Modifier

You can now adjust the playback speed of songs! When selecting your instrument and modifiers in the ready up menu, you’ll see an option to adjust the playback speed of the song and it’s only available to be modified by Player 1. Minimum speed is 5% and max is up to 5000%. The playback speed can also be adjusted in real time when in Practice Mode.

Resolution Settings

Fret Smasher is finally supporting resolution settings to provide proper support of fitting all important UI elements within the screen boundaries. Currently only 16:9 and 4:3 ratios are supported but we’ll be expanding available aspect ratios over time as development progresses.


– NEW Song Speed Modifier! This modifier can be applied during the ready up screen by Player 1 and in real time in Practice Mode by press left/right arrow keys.
– NEW Double Notes Modifier! All notes get an extra note added to the chord.
– NEW Single to Chord Modifier! All single notes are converted to chords with one additional note added.
– Song Difficulty Tags has been added to Song Select.
– NEW Resolution Settings! Fret Smasher now supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. More aspect ratios will be expanded upon as development progresses.
– NEW News Panel added to the main menu.
– Added support for Guitar Co-op charts.


– Fixed multiplayer score saving not properly saving any data.
– Fixed menu title in the ready up screen displaying “Classic Play” when in “Practice Mode”
– Fixed some issues with song select audio previews
– Fixed an issue with song select being blank when sort mode has been updated and last search has a value.
– Fixed song sort menu showing multiple options selected
– Addressed some issues with lefty flip controls with Players 2-4.
– Fixed an issue with the theme template having a texture named incorrectly.


– Times played is now updated on song load instead of song completion.
– Frets are now properly given open fret textures when hitting an open note with no sustain.
– Difficulty tags now display N/A text when an instrument has no available parts.
– Fret Smasher Setlist now appears on top of the list in “Playlist Sort”.

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Lavoie Studios is an indie game development studio based in Canada.

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