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Fret Smasher Patch v0.31.3 A2

Just a small patch fixing bugs in practice mode and some changes to the news tab which now pulls from our website.

  • Fixed an issue in Practice Mode causing song sections with 0 notes throwing an error preventing further sections to be parsed in the sections menu.
  • Fixed an issue in Practice Mode causing notes marked as hit from pull offs to be hit automatically when playing the section again.
  • Fixed an issue in Practice Mode where the highscore UI will appear if you only have 0 points at the end of the section.
  • Fixed an issue with highway cameras using the 4:3 camera rect values when playing with 3-4 players with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Full Combos are no longer at risk from overstrumming before the first note and after the last note of the song.
  • News panel has been adjusted to connect to our website.
  • News panel now displays a purple notification dot indicating an unread message.
  • Adjusted news message to contain a header sprite and recoloured message title text.
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Lavoie Studios is an indie game development studio based in Canada.

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