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Welcome to Lavoie Studios!


A community focused band rhythm game with complete player customization and a wide selection of game modes.

Play solo or with friends to artists such as Johari, Vinyl Dial, Nightmare Lyre, and more! Pick between game modes for cooperative play or competitive and see who can reach the ultimate high score.

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Rhythm Bang is a rhythm based aiming game you play and control with your mouse. Aim towards falling cubes that fall rhythmically to the hard electronic music that play throughout the levels!

Your shooter will shoot at the beat of the music, so you must continuously aim at the cubes. The more precise your aim is, the higher your score and overall accuracy is! If you let your shooter miss without aiming, you’ll accidentally shoot your hud, which will decrease your health! So aim carefully!

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Take on the timed platforming challenge in Orb Runner where speed is key to ensure a victory in each level. Play in standard Orb Runner mode where you must collect a given number of Orbs before completing a level or tackle Time-Trial for the fastest level completion time.

Complete levels and level up to upgrade your stats and unlock abilities. Then return and explore new locations to find hidden collectables and discover hidden achievements.

Dec 09, 2020