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Coming Soon


A community focused band rhythm game with complete player customization and a wide selection of game modes.

Play solo or with friends to artists such as Johari, Vinyl Dial, Nightmare Lyre, and more! Pick between game modes for cooperative play or competitive and see who can reach the ultimate high score.


  • Full Band: Play your favourite tunes on Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Turntable and Drums!
  • Over 10 Songs To Choose From: Including “Eternal by Johari”, “Solar Sands by Vinyl Dial”, “Zen by PirateCrab” and more!
  • Customization: Customize the game to your liking from highways, video backgrounds, themes to even gameplay!

Select A Game Mode

  • Quickplay: Play with our unique scoring system to break out with new high scores!
  • Classic Play: Play any song you want using the scoring system you’ve come to love!
  • Career Mode: Play through a setlist to earn stars which unlocks tiers, encores, battles, and face-offs.
  • Multiplayer: Play against or cooperate with your friends using either Classic Play, Battle or Face-off!


Play with the classic score system and note types that we’re all familiar with.

Grab an instrument and rock out as a group as you play co-op or go head to head in Battle & Face-off

Replay your favourite tunes with modifiers enabled such as shuffle notes, single to chord, to even changing the song’s tempo!

Control how your game looks and plays along with the ability to import user generated content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fret Smasher is an all new Band/Guitar styled rhythm game for the PC that is heavily focused on player customization, modding, and alternative game modes. The game will feature local + online player with a wide range of game modes to choose from & customize.

While Fret Smasher may seem familiar, it's not quite what you may remember. Fret Smasher features not just a classic style of play but also a variety of features that allows for player customization with user generated content along with new game modes that adds new ways of play.

Yes you can! To play the alpha/beta branches of the game, please visit Fret Smasher's store page on Steam and click the "Request Access" button. From there, just wait until you receive an email notifying the game is now available on your account or until you see it appear in your Steam library.

Fret Smasher is available over on Steam

Absolutely! To get started, please reach out to us on our contact page stating your interest and how you'd like to help. We're always looking for new team members to help with the scripts, graphics, models, audio and charting.

Yes! We’re actively looking for artists to help expand the official setlist! Just contact us directly and we’ll get everything sorted out!

Currently Supported Instruments

  • Lead Guitar
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Keyboard


Coming Soon:

  • Drums

Fret Smasher supports most instrument controllers and input types. Fret Smasher also features a key binding menu to allow players modify their input controls manually if a controller isn't automatically supported.

Fret Smasher currently supports '.chart' and '.mid' charting formats.