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What is fret smasher?

Fret Smasher is an all new Band/Guitar styled rhythm game for the PC that is heavily focused on player customization, modding, and alternative game modes. The game will feature local & online multiplayer with a wide range of game modes to choose from and customize.

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Supporting us on Patreon allows us to expand our resources for acquiring additional artists for Fret Smasher, maintaining our website & support emails, explore the idea of supporting dedicated servers for our games, and finally keeps us afloat while we have games like Fret Smasher available for free.

When you support Lavoie Studios on Patreon, you’re supporting us as a team, as a studio and not the individual products. This means that as time goes on, we’ll expand into additional games and your support will help us ensure that our games meets your expectations of quality.

Our Games

Orb Runner

Take on the timed platforming challenge in Orb Runner where speed is key to ensure a victory in each level. Play in standard Orb Runner mode where you must collect a given number of Orbs before completing a level or tackle Time-Trial for the fastest level completion time.

Complete levels and level up to upgrade your stats and unlock abilities. Then return and explore new locations to find hidden collectables and discover hidden achievements.