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Streamer partnership

Join the Lavoie Studios Partnership

Whether you’re a streamer or a content creator, we’d love to partner with you!
Partnering with us provides you as a creator with perks from the studio all for just playing and sharing our games! These perks ranges from access to our games, promotion from our social pages and the ability to request keys for giveaways on your platforms!


  • Have an active following
  • Have a regular or consistent upload/stream schedule
  • An active member within the communities of Lavoie Studios


Get early access to Lavoie Studios titles and updates to share with your communities!

As a partner, we’ll give you that extra promotion from our social pages.

Looking to host a giveaway or a contest of sorts? We’ll happily provide a few keys for your community events!

Get in touch with Lavoie Studios directly! You’ll have access to the private partner channel in our Discord for direct communication!

Our Partners

Trovo Streamer
Twitch Streamer
Twitch Streamer
Master mike